About Us

Paperless Performance was Established in 2012 to deliver tailor made business solutions to improve business performance and enhance productivity through document digitisation and optimised business processes. Delivering a variety of services and solutions that create a valuable digital workforce that improve communication, deliver meaningful information and ensure compliance in a more regulated workplace.

At Paperless Performance our expertise assists companies and organisations attain full compliance in the protection and communication of valuable information. Furthermore, Paperless Performance delivers services and solutions that provide clear information permitting allowing business decision making.

By means of market leading technology in the document management, scanning, imaging and digitisation that include Kofax and Capturebites we deliver robust and reliable solutions. With our technology we leverage any device at any point in the business cycle to extract meaningful information to kick off managed business processes.

Since 2012 our experienced team have been consulting with and to many companies throughout South Africa and Southern Africa. Our expertise and in-depth knowledge of our technology, business processes withing document management field and regualatory compliance have seen us spearhead the drive towards digitisation in Africa.

We are distributors of Kofax and CaptureBites products and have an established reseller network in South Africa and Southern Africa.