Autobites adds value to Kopfax Express by automating the import, processing and export of document images.

With Autobites images are processed with VRS and documents sorted and delivered to a preferred document management system, database or email inbox. Autobites reduces the need for manual document management and with Kofax Express can monitor any number of a Multifunction Printers and process the images automatically.

Autobites works with any device that scans files to a folder. Working with Kofax VRS colour or grey photo quality images can be adjusted perfectly and even converted to high quality, compact black and white images for easy, efficient storage.

Where and How can Autobites be used?

  • Converting current document image archives into searchable compact PDF files while changing or preserving the original folder and file naming structure.
  • Enhanced VRS Processing of images produced with multifunctional devices for better image quality and cropping, deskewing or auto-rotating.
  • Management of incoming faxes through a fax server, reading bar codes from faxes and dispatching them to a document management and/or email inboxes of choice.

Autobites is easy to implement and is a powerful and versatile business application that will deliver solid returns on investment. For more information or a demonstration contact us.