Kofax Express

Kofax Express

Kofax Express is one of the most powerful and trusted all-purpose scanning application. Kofax Express is a high speed batch scanning solution with real-time image display as well as indexing and bar code detection. It is an easy to use solution ideally suited to less complex environments where efficient and effective scanning and retrieval of a variety of documents is required. Incorporating the Kofax’s own VirtualReScan (VRS) technology optimal image quality is assured while exceptions and errors are minimised delivering an first class overall solution. Kofax Express works with and exports captured images and data to a wider variety popular back end solutions that include Microsoft Sharepoint.

Benefits of Kofax Express

Controlled Information.
With Kofax Express an organisation can take control of the flow of information that enters the operation by converting growing piles of paper in to manageable electronic content.

Easy and Intuitive to use

The interface of Kofax Express is similar to a number of familiar office solutions such Microsoft Office. There are many one-click or short cut commands that users can utilise to improve user adoption and increase operational efficiency.

Perfect for high performance

Because Kofax uses the latest technology multiple scanning and processing functions can run simultaneously. This ensures that throughput is maximised at all times.

Grows with you

Kofax Express is scalable. Additional workstations for indexing, recognition and import can be added to the single dedicated scan-to-archive machine. This allows for improved total throughput and increased efficiency.

Easy to Integrate

Kofax Express Integrates with MS Sharepoint and other systems for easy, effective and efficient document management and retrieval.
Good return on investment
Because Kofax Express is such a versatile solution it delivers a quick and significant return on investment.
For a full breakdown of the features and benefits of Kofax Express please download the Kofax Express Brochure or contact us today.