Taking control of PDFs and other documents that are imported or extracted from folders and emails is a growing challenge for any organisation. Copies of documents, especially in PDF format are scanned by multifunction printers, renamed and sent out via email or are received by email and filing and managing these is challenging. For both security and compliance reasons tighter control and easier access to documents is required. CaptureBites MetaServer is the solution.

What is MetaServer?

MetaServer is a powerful and intelligent software solution that watches folders across networks and inboxes regardless of how a document arrived where it is and scans PDF files. Using text extraction technology and easy to configure, user or organisational defined rules it dynamically renames the files and files them.

Metaserver not only works with PDFs but also scanned or imported images that contain text.

How MetaServer overcomes business challenges

One of the biggest challenges facing companies is that employees use Multi-Function Printers (MFPs) to scan, save and send documents. This process generates a random name and number for the digitised document which is fine for smaller operations but when the business is larger control is soon lost. These random files can be found and manually filed in the correct or prescribed manner but it is a slow and laborious process that is prone errors. MetaServer automates this and reduces errors.

The Components of MetaServer


MetaServer Server

MetaServer Server runs and operates in the background automating selected processes that include:

  • Importing PDF files from folders and sub folders
  • Monitoring email inboxes and detaching PDF attachments
  • Separating and collating documents based on rules
  • Auto-Detecting PDF Type: Extracting data accessing the text of an electronic PDF without passing through OCR or automatically use OCR if the PDF is image-only
  • Completing data by means of database lookup
  • Checking and confirming the validity of data using validation rules
  • Exporting¬† the results to one or more destinations based on rules

MetaServer Organiser

Metaserver Organiser visually organises and arranges documents for ease of management and use. Typical examples of MetaServer Organiser being put to use include large batches of invoices that are scanned resulting in a single combined PDF document. Using virtual separator sheets, MetaServer Organiser visually separates the PDFs allowing for pages to be easily reordered or deleted if required.

Metaserver Organizer Viewer

MetaServer Validation

There are times when the text or content easy or possible to extract. In these cases MetaServer Validation is a powerful tool and works using a number of methods.

  • Select Text tool
  • Select Barcode tool
  • Database Lookup
  • Manual Data entry

Validation is expedited by highlighting the extracted data and searching for it. If the data is found on another page the page is automatically corrected. This is useful when validating and extracting financial information form scanned invoices or purchase orders.

For example, the total amount on the document below was found on the last page in the bottom corner. By simply navigating in the Total Due field, the viewer jumps to the last page and highlights the zone where the data was found.

This simple illustration shows how MetaServer works.
Metaserver Workflow

MetaServer is a flagship solution from Paperless Performance. The product delivers outstanding returns on investment and improves operational efficiency dramatically in any business in any industry. For more information or a demonstration contact us.