Onsite Imaging and Scanning

With companies moving towards digital storage a or with a need to access filed hard copies of invoices, letters, quotes and other business documentation there is a growing demand for a bulk scanning service. Paperless Performance offers a professional on site scanning service available throughout Southern Africa.

Paperless Performance offers a fully outsourced or self-managed scanning solution on your premises. Our Onsite Imaging and Scanning service includes scanners and the Paperless Performance expertise to help manage the entire process.

Some of the benefits of the Paperless Performance onsite imaging scanning service include:

  • Your Documents remain onsite
  • The service can be Self-managed or fully outsourced
  • Close Monitoring of the Imaging Process
  • Efficient and Logical storage of scanned images

Onsite Imaging and Scanning is meticulously planned to ensure a more than satisfactory outcome. Paperless Performance use the very latest Kofax and CaptureBites technology to guarantee accurate scanning and high quality, easily accessible images. The service can include OCR and ICR to scan content into integrated systems.

For a full breakdown the Onsite Imaging and Scanning service from Paperless Performance contact us today.