ITIL Processes
ITIL Processes
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Paperless Performance
Steamlining Your Business Automation

Paperless Performance assist any organisation regardless of size with tailor made solutions that speeds up document driven processes. It is our mission to convert companies and organisation to become compliant in protection of valuable information but more importantly to use the information to make better faster business decisions whilst showing our clients a return on their investment. We achieve this with our Market leading solutions that leverages any device at any point to extract information and kick off important business processes. Helping organisations cope with the management, control and legislative demands around documentation and data is what Paperless Performance does. We deliver automated solutions based of market leading technology that enables anyone to find any document at the click of a button. Our tailored solutions manage the processes around data, documents and communication improving productivity and operational excellence for organisations of all sizes. Paperless Performance operates throughout Africa with an experienced and professional team using the latest technologies delivering first class tailor made data and document management solutions.

Document and Data Management Consulting

Document and Data Management Consulting Paperless Performance has a wealth of expertise in the control, management and compliance of document management to help you streamline your document management processes.

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Document Scanning

Document Scanning Paperless Performance provide an on-site document scanning and management service that digitises and stores all your paper documentation to enable you to have more control and business insight.

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Software and Solutions

Software and Solutions Paperless Performance are distributors of a number of document management and information and data capturing tools available through a growing reseller network throughout Africa.

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Why Choose Us?

Paperless Performance delivers a secure return on investment by optimising processes, improving performance and delivering tight compliance with POPI, King IV, SOX and many other legislative requirements. We save you money and improve business performance simultaneously by digitising the paper documentation make is easy find, safe to store and compliant with legislation. Paperless Performance understands how going paperless and having control over communications is vital for survival in the modern workplace.