Overview of what we do

The Paperless office has been a dream for many organisations for many years. The dream of a paperless and automated office and organisation while a dream is also an enigma. Paperless Performance take the dream and make it a reality by unravelling the enigma.

Paperless Performance supply document imaging, scanning and management systems and help design, deliver and maintain paperless solutions. There are three keys to a successfully digitised operation:

Key 1: Good Quality Scanning
Key 2: Easy Access to Digitised information
Key 3: Well Automated Processes

Paperless Performance delivers all of these using the best technology and the most experienced personnel.

Why digitise the operational environment?

No business can avoid the impact of Digitisation. Digitisation is not on its way it is here.

In today’s business environment, especially in Africa, paper is still a huge part of business processes. Email and PDFs are equally big but the challenge around both hard copy and digital is control, management and accessibility. Likewise storage, and ultimately retrieving and forwarding or utilising the paper or digital documentation is a challenge all businesses face. Paperless Performance addresses these challenges by providing solutions that digitise and automate to improve business efficiency and automate many of the mundane manual tasks that every organisation has.

There are a growing number of reasons to digitise the business environment these include:

  • Business and Data Security
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Increased Productivity
  • Compliance

Can any business digitise?

The answer is yes. Any business can digitise various divisions or the entire operation. Using the Kofax and CaptureBites Solutions Paperless Performance has digitised across many vertical markets that include Mining, Banking, Manufacturing. It makes no difference how large or small a business is any business can digitise.