Kofax VRS is a powerful tool that enhances any scanned image making them easier to use downstream. Working with a solution such as Kofax Express. Kofax VRS acts as a quality control within the digitised and automated processes within an organisation. Enhancing and cleaning up images improves efficiencies in storing, accessing and utilising any images within the organisation.
Kofax VRS can clean up the dirtiest or most unreadable of documents working simultaneously with both black and white and colour images. VRS reduces document preparation time by correcting and enhancing the positioning of scanned documents. With advanced OCR and ICR character recognition less operator intervention is required.

Benefits of VRS


Improved Downstream Usage

VRS ensures higher quality images are sent downstream in business processes. Because of this the success rate of accurate data retrieval is considerably improved. Better image quality results in better data quality, and better data quality results in better decision-making.

Scans a wider variety of documents better

Blueprints, wrinkled paper, security paper or other challenging documents VRS delivers peace of mind that the items will scanned to deliver crisp, clean and readable images.

Scan faster better

With VRS a scanner can run at rated speed and deliver exception scanning results each and every time.

Improved profile and licencing management

To ensure consistency through the entire scan operation and process, VRS automatically applies a profile to each station from a designated central location. VRS is easily managed by administrators allowing for easy, controlled distribution of licences and user rights.

Improved character recognition

VRS uses the latest OCR and ICR technology to dramatically increase the accuracy of character recognition to improve the process where images are accessed downstream.

Kofax VRS is a powerful addition to any automated or digitised work environment. For more information or a demonstration contact us today.